Energy can simply be defined as the force behind all motion and all activity. Our everyday lives revolves around energy, either we give out or we take in. Energy cannot be destroyed, but transformed from one form to another. Generally the kind of energy we take in determine our reaction to things in life. In this context am referring energy to the kind of people we deal with, the environment we stay and the things we do on a daily basis, in recent days energy is said to be referred to as an intangible force ( positive or negative ) believed to come from a person place or thing which is preserved or can be preserved and transferred in human interactions shared, mood or group habit, a vibe, a feeling and impression.

So literally saying the kind of people we move with and the environment we stay affects our lives in a great way. People tend to have different energies in life it might be positive or negative, but we as humans, we tend to choose for ourselves. People today have been mislead to make irrational decisions, live a bad life, suffer due to them being surrounded with negative energy.

How well can we carry or get this good energy? We need to surround ourselves with people who pass this positive energies, they might not be close to us or even be our friends, a person can be on your social network and still pass positive energies to us. It’s imperative we have this positive energy in our lives, by positive I mean doing positive things like showing love, kindness, hard work and so on. Do things you know it’s right and be sure also to pass that positive energy to other people as it can change a life. What you put into this universe can come back to you in ten folds. Even the smallest thought have power.

As a friend my advice is you to surround yourself with good and positive people. Don’t be carried away by things that people  with  negative energy do or have instead pass on that positive energy to them, you can be better. Do the right things, be good loving and work hard, think good  and above all connect with people you know carrying this positive energy in them, I assure you, your life would be great!


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