A lot of people have killed themselves due to hate buried inside of them. Hate destroys the mind, but a lot of people don’t see this. It grows deep in the mind and pushes us humans to do things which aren’t pleasant, not knowing it gets back to us.

Hate is an intense dislike for somebody or something, its a strong affection of the mind  awakened  by something regarded as unpleasant, harmful or evil. Hate can be caused as a result of envy or jealousy. It can be hard to control jealousy at  times, but when you believe in yourself and think great of yourself jealousy shouldn’t be a problem.

When you bury hate in your mind  it brings nothing but sadness, and makes you inhuman at times, it brings bad things to your life, and hinders you from progressing in life. A hate free mind/ heart is an happy person.  When you stay away from hate it takes away sadness from your heart.
People today as a result of being hurt, tend to have hate in their mind. Let’s see it from this perspective, if someone hurts you, you feel sad about it definitely. If all you do is forgive, forget move on and try to avoid being in that position of being hurt again, you have helped yourself a lot. But seeing it the other way round, if you decide to keep it in your mind and have that person in mind, all you do is grow hate in you and possibly do something crazy that can hurt you and that person at the same time and will only result to regret and pain.

When hate is in your mind, you think irrationally, you do things without thinking of the consequences involved. By all means try and keep hate away from your mind learn to forgive forget and move on.  Free yourself from hate as its  one of the key to happiness.


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