Inferiority complex is a sense of, lack of self worth, value, uncertainty ; not measuring up to standard. This feeling is usually subconscious, it is said that individuals afflicted with complex , do well enough in certain areas of their life  or it makes them have low social values and standard.

This feeling doesn’t just deal with someone feeling inferior to another person, but also deals with someone not being competent to carry out a task, for example  it might be an Interview or an exam to be taken. Inferiority complex generally explains the term lack of self confidence.


• One of the major causes of inferiority complex with children is when they are constantly being criticized by their parents, of them not meeting up to expectations. This act brings about inferiority complex.

• In adults it is caused as a result of , high level of discouragement, failure or setbacks.

Inferiority complex is not a disease as it can be transformed into something good, some people as a result of inferiority complex get depressed, stagnant to change and development. For some they fuel this feeling into something good, in the sense that it makes them work in certain areas of their lives where they are lacking, for the better good. Making their achievements give them self esteem.

If you are having inferiority complex today , think well as your failures should be what will motivate you to be a better or greater person, because being depressed or moody will only ruin you, bring you down and make you loose more self worth and esteem.


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