Fossil fuel has been a major source of energy to humans for centuries now, likes of coal, petroleum are what we use to power our cars, engines and derive electrical power. Most developed countries are dependent on coal for energy source. Even with the advancement of electric cars, petroleum is still the major product we use to drive our cars.

But the problem we face today is the greenhouse gases these hydrocarbons emit, these gases affect our climate a whole lot as the cause of global warming is as a result of this gas emissions. The funniest part of this fossil fuels is that the energy produced isn’t renewable.

Now the question is can we cease to rely on fossil fuels for energy source, my answer is No, but we can minimize the rate at which we rely on it. I said no because without fossil fuel most of our industries will shut down.
If our industries shut down, production is cut, how do we meet the law of demand and supply ?  The only way this fossil fuels can cease to cause harm in our world today is only when we reduce the way we rely or depend on it.

Other ways and measures to generate energy should be properly researched and developed, the reason we face climate issues is because we abuse the use of fossil fuels. We constantly rely on it because it’s not far fetched from us and its easy to get, we just drill and boom! We start processing for use.

If we can reduce the way we depend on it for energy, climatic issues or problems would reduce. The united States has reduced his use of coal for energy generation in recent years, it has reduced with over a 20% decrease, this is a good feat!

Industries on the other hand should be located outside cities, like in China where industries are located in major cities isn’t a healthy thing for the environment, the amount of gasses emitted is powerful and for a congested and populated location like that it’s harmful.

When this industries are situated in more larger, open and inhabitable areas, there are lesser harms to the environment and people living in it.

Fossil Fuel is a great form of energy that cannot be ignored for a very long time, it will still be used to generate energy but we should rely on it so much, the use of fossil fuel should be a case of you just switching your shoes, if your wear a shoe for a long time without stop, it will loose its value, and become unattractive on you making you look bad, right ?? That’s just the case of fossil fuel it will loose its value, then make the earth and humans look bad.


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