No doubt Hillary Clinton has become one of the most popular and influential women in world politics, as she’s on her way to becoming US first female president, this says a lot in the world today, especially for younger women and the issue of gender equality.

I personally love Hillary Clinton , ask me why? Because she’s what every young woman of today should emulate.  She’s powerful, hard-working, loving, and above all responsible.

Cole’s song No Role Modelz, says a lot about young ladies of today, they all want to look sexy, get rich of nothing meaningful, wear skimpy clothes and gain fame or popularity by any possible means at the cost of losing their self esteem.

I see a world where young ladies are leaders, I see a world where young ladies make a change in the lives of people, I see a world where young ladies influence people positively, I see a world where young ladies strive for greatness not just fame over her slutty ways.

There are less of women like Hillary Clinton  today, rather there are more of ……
If hillary Clinton  becomes the president of the US, what do you feel for her ? To be honest. To me that’s greatness achieved in its highest form, its shows every young lady of today can be better, look beyond what you see from show biz, see yourself as a positive inspiration to the world at large. You can’t be feeding of from what you see most of this ladies do in the entertainment industries, to me its all BS and an act of being desperate

People can actually be inspired by you in many other ways other than what ladies do in the entertainment industry.

I really wish girls see women like Hillary, Oprah, Michelle, Merkel, Sade Adu…..as role models.

There’s no much greater power in positivity.


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