Things evolve everyday as changes can occur in tradition overtime, today the genre hip hop has changed a lot in so many ways, now a days you see rappers sing, use of gold chains and rappers tattooing themselves has now become cliche to some rappers, I mean there’s been a lot of changes in hip hop  recently.

But the question is has hip hop lost his core tradition? 

This question will definitely bring controversial answers, right ? But the things there is tradition at times change overtime and most of its core values are forgotten, that’s how it goes for hip hop.

Take rap artist like kanye, drake,lil wayne and nicki minaj they tend to cross to different genre of music and it has worked out successfully for them, drake actually sings and he’s obviously a rap artist, also merely looking at a artist like juicy j, he looks less of a rapper, the genre is evolving into something entirely different.

We all know rappers to be proud, showing of their worth and boast about their accomplishment, but today artist like jcole and kendrick lamar changed that, they make rap more poetic  as they hardly show off. I mean they sell millions of records from their style of rap and they are regarded as on of the best rap artist in the world today. To me its something amazing, trying to change the art into something wonderful.

For me hip hop/rap music has really changed a lot, but I see nothing wrong with it, gangsta rap was popular in the 90’s and was it was popping at that time, but now you tend to see less of gangsta rap now, even true gangsta rappers act like they aren’t gangsta rappers anymore, the just flow with the trend.
I feel hip hop is transforming into something amazing and it would probably be the dopest genre of music ever.


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