Seriously ? The Ant Man movie is dope! The characters, scenes and action made it all special, it had a mix of comedy, action, drama and romance in it.
What drew my attention to the movie was the story line, it almost seemed like a true life story, and nothing gets better when its real.

The characters on the other hand were so fit for the roles they each played, from Paul Rudd as Ant Man, to Dr Pym, Dr Cross, Hope pym and the rest of the cast, they all made the movie epic.

Also the story line was so touching and inspiring, a man who lost everything including his family, tries to win the heart of his daughter whom he loves so much, made it touching and inspiring.

Its a really great super hero movie, I really feel deadpool got their inspiration from Ant Man, Yea!!!
Literally all the scenes in the movie was epic, there wasn’t a part that wouldn’t get your full attention and that’s what makes a movie special, the ability to get the full attention of whoever is watching it.

Ant Man made the look of super hero movie take a whole new form, I mean it wasn’t too serious and all, it was action packed and at the same time it was filled with comedy, drama and romance.
The director was able to balance everything to make it look that cool.

I know everyone can’t wait to see Ant Man 2 as the anticipation is fu**ing high.


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