Everyday we all wish our dreams come true but yet, it seems so hard to reach them. Most times people put in a lot of work and get less, on our way up things become harder, its just what we get to see every now and then.

You see people actualizing their dreams and you begin to wonder why you haven’t done the same, as it drives you crazy, it drains all of your energy, you feel like you want to give it all up.

Your dreams are what define you as a human, things become hard for us when we wander in the wrong path, this thing you really crave so much and put in work, are they what really matters ? Have you ever thought if you were actually in the right direction ? Coming a long way don’t mean nothing, if you are in the wrong way. 

Your passion determines your dreams being actualized, how high is your passion for what you do to reach your dreams ? Your hard work is nothing when your passion is low as patience is also of the essence.

If you believe in what you do, put in a good work and do the right things, your dreams would definitely come true no matter what and how long it takes. My dreams aren’t yet actualized but am writing this because I believe and hope they would come true. There are people out there striving for their dreams to come true, you aren’t alone and know you can become who you desire to be, just do the right things, work hard, believe and have faith for the better good ahead. Above all turn all negativity you feel into something positive, its a transformation tool that can determine success.


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