HTC 10 is averagely regarded as one of the best smartphone this year, it’s what I would say if I was to make a comment about it. With the launch of the HTC 10 this year, I feel it’s not as powerful as the previous variants like the M7 and M8, I would rather say this due to few observations I made about the smartphone.

In terms of performance and display it’s a good phone but when it comes to design I feel HTC is loosing it, we all know HTC to have innovative designs, but with the M10 I feel the brand lost all that. Now when it comes to innovative ideas, ideas coming has to be something new and spectacular, the galaxy s6 series came up with curved screen and it brought about a good and innovative look and feel to the galaxy smartphone.
HTC featured a home screen button of which it never had in other versions, then they lost that slim design it previously had in previous variants. All these things were what made the smartphone spectacular, and I feel HTC has lost its sense of innovation.

In terms of performance it’s very OK and it’s something we can hold on to, but in terms of design, look and feel, HTC gave it all up for brands like Samsung and IPhone as HTC are gradually loosing their place in the smartphone market.


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