Jon Snow has become the star of the movie game of thrones. No doubt game of thrones is one of the most watched season film in the US. Everyone actually fell in love with Snow towards the end of season 5. It was killing to see him die at the end of season 5, it caused a lot of intrigue and suspense to fans around the world.
C’mon why should he die ? Personally I was anxious to watch season 6, cos if Snow was out of the film I wouldn’t watch again, and I mean it. From the stark family he was the only promising person to take on the throne.

But season 6 made viewers definitely happy, episode 2 to be precise, I too was happy, it was happy to see snow back, not just me but all the fans watching the movie. That feeling you get when Jon Snow comes from the

It was truly a happy ending at the end of episode 2, the battle for the iron throne still continues, I still wonder which family would ascend that throne, it’s truly hard to decide now, but left for me I would say it would be between the Stark or Targaryen. What do you feel ?

No matter who takes on the throne, it has to be a worthy family, definitely worthy, game of thrones still remains the best, intriguing and most engaging seasonal movie at the moment.


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