We have watched technology grow over the years, and as time passed, we were exposed to different stages of technology. But the question here is what lies in the future of technology. We all know technology has a lot to offer, today we hear of self driving cars, development in the internet and so on, but what do we expect from technology in the coming years.


Artificial intelligence is widely talked about today, but we really haven’t harnessed the full power of AI, definitely AI has a lot to offer us in the coming years, most especially in the area of robotics, just like the popular blockbuster movie I Robot, we might actually have robots as maid’s – lol. AI is a very broad aspect of technology, that hasn’t been exploited to its core, as a lot more is to come from it.

AI is something, that definitely holds a spot in the future of technology, from advanced computers, to advanced computer software’s, AI will also play a vital role in robotics, AI will definitely shape the way we live in the future and bring about a significant amount of growth in human development.


We are already experiencing the dawn of self driving cars, even electric cars are now been made, to conserve the way the use energy. Self driving cars will definitely change the face of technology and human transportation. We no longer have to bother about the stress of driving long miles, or the hassle of school run for our kids, we just relax and let the cars do the driving. 

This technological innovation, will definitely be something, the future has to hold for us.


Space travel will definitely, be totally different, in the future.  A lot more would have been discovered about the universe, due to consistent space travel. Probably a lot more planets would have been explored and mysteries would have been solved. 

Presently it takes a lot, when it comes to space travel, from building massive rockets to other difficulties faced by space travel, all these will definitely be tackled in the future to come as space travel will definitely be re-invented. 


Over the years, we have been faced with the challenges of deadly diseases, from Ebola to Zika to Aids, with scientific researches, there will definitely be a reduction in all of these diseases, human species will no longer be endangered with all sort of deadly diseases.

Although it might take a lot of time and research to stop this deadly diseases from affecting humans, but it will definitely, be tackled in the coming years to come. 

All this are all what we should expect from technology in the coming years to come, world leaders, entrepreneurs and others, are investing more and spending time on these aspect of technology to produce a meaningful result in our lives.


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