Over the years, the gaming industry has seen a substantial growth, with new improvements in games and games consoles, generally the technological aspect of computer, video and mobile games has elvolved. Now the question is what are we to expect in the future of the gaming Industry ? 

With the introduction of mobile gaming, it has definitely engrossed a reasonable number of mobile gamers, with billions of downloads in the App store and Google play, we now see how the mobile gaming industry has grown. How we to expect more from the gaming industry in general ? 

Industries like the movie and music industry is seen to be bigger than the gaming industry, and from recent research and publications it is said that the gaming industry will relatively be the biggest entertainment industry in time to come as the percentage of gamers are rapidly growing, ranging from the old to young. Can this be justified ? I personally think the gaming industry is growing really fast, what can you say for a billion dollar industry ? 

Now virtual reality is seen to be capturing the heart of gamers, with his stunning high end graphics, and production. I personally think virtually reality is the next big thing for gamers around the world. Although it’s quite expensive to accquire a VR headset, but it’s worth the pay. 

Generally speaking the future of the gaming industry is really bright, and its something I would love to invest in, as I see it as the next big thing in entertainment, with new gaming inventions evolving from time to time, it’s really safe to say the gaming industry is here to stay and it would definitely lead all other forms of entertainment !



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