Everyday we all wish our dreams come true but yet, it seems so hard to reach them. Most times people put in a lot of work and get less, on our way up things become harder, its just what we get to see every now and then.

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No doubt Hillary Clinton has become one of the most popular and influential women in world politics, as she’s on her way to becoming US first female president, this says a lot in the world today, especially for younger women and the issue of gender equality.




As they say great minds think alike, you can expect to be great if you move with people who are far for greatness.
Check the lives of great people and see the kind of people they spent all their lives with, you would see they are much alike in terms of their lifestyle, character, personality ideology etc.





Your choice of songs can actually define you, music has lots of effect in our lives, we tend to listen to songs for different reasons and purposes either to dance, heal ourselves, meditate, reminisce or even relate to past experiences, as the case maybe we all have reasons why we choose to listen to the kind of songs we play on a regular basis. No form of art connects easily to the mind than music does, music connects directly to the soul.

Most people today choose to listen to songs that pass or convey little or less inspiration to them, just dancing to the rhythm and sound of a song isn’t a cool form of expressing it, although it ain’t bad but music can be expressed or used in different forms that is benefiting to your mind and soul.

The question is ”how do you want your life to be ?? “

One of the answers to that question is your choice of music. A research shows that music has a major influence and profound effect in our life.

Each genre of music has its own customs attached to it, for me rap songs are known for their poetic verses although it doesn’t seem to uphold what it stands for in recent times, there are still great rap songs out there that pass on lots of powerful messages. Have you heard of the pessimistic by wale and jcole ? Where they poetically talk about hope ? Most good songs comes with powerful messages we can relate to and there are tendencies it affects our lives in positive ways, but when we just flow with the rhythm and sound of songs without relating to the messages the song carries, we fail to inspire ourselves.

I was heartbroken at the time marvins room by drake was released, and I related to it quickly the first time I played it, the song was about him (drake) feeling down from a heartbreak he just experienced, so i connected with the theme of the song, and I was able to go through my heartbreak at that time easily. 
What am trying to paraphrase from this experience and article in general is that we should listen to songs for specific reasons, reasons that can affect us in positive ways, just dancing or listening to songs without no form of inspiration depicts low level of character.

Choosing the right songs to listen to is relevant for the development of your mind and soul, get drawn to songs that have good and positive messages in them, art can be expressed in different forms and its our duty to relate to them, not just relating but trying to get the message the performer is passing on.

When a songs doesn’t pass on a good and positive message, stay away from it because it tends to reflect you in a manner that isn’t acceptable or admired by people, it passes on negative energy and it doesn’t help in the development of your mind and soul.

You can be a good source of inspiration to people by listening to the right songs. Do you want to be nuisance just because of your poor choice of songs ? Or a person who is admired by all and inspires people in a good and positive manner.



Take time to explore the world alone and see things from a different perspective. A time alone with yourself wouldn’t hurt a bit, your daily live revolves around a particular circle maybe work, hanging out with friends, travelling on business trips etc. as the case may be.

It’s important you take out time, once in a while to see the world and your own world from a different perspective by reflecting and meditating. When you get too accustomed to a certain kind of life it takes you away from your true self at times.

Bonding with nature is highly important, it gives you this fresh feeling of life.

This life is extremely spiritual and so is the human mind, body and soul and it takes a spiritual being to live in a spiritual world. When you spiritually is tested you undergo lot of issues pertaining your life.
One of the way you can improve your spiritual life is spending time alone in quiet places that depicts nature by meditating and reflecting as moments like this allows you think reasonably about things and situations in life.

A person who doesn’t take time to think and reason well enough by meditating and reflecting falls short of wisdom in his/her life, do you want to be the unwise one ? Or the one enriched with wisdom ?
When you are overloaded with issues or things either its relevant or irrelevant it takes you further away from your true self making you unbalanced in your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional life. A machine that is overworked needs time to rest to avoid breakdown, so is our human body mind and soul. Taking time out alone to meditate reflect and reason with yourself saves you from breakdown of different from either physically emotionally or spiritually.

Take time to bond with nature by meditating reflecting and reasoning for the purpose of a healthy mental, physical, spiritual and emotional life.

By thepennameisgerry
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Being happy is how we all love to feel right ? But the reality here is that people fall short of this feeling. People tend to derive their source of happiness from different things as it can vary with different individual personality, you might get your source of happiness from the things you do on a daily basis, it might be from someone close or dear to you or just being at the stage you are in your life can make your happy.

What if its the other way round ? what if what you do on a daily basis doesn’t keep you happy ? Or what if you don’t have someone close or dear to you, what if the stage you are in your life right now sucks ?? How do you guarantee your happiness ? People who have shortcomings when it comes to being happy have as there are different reasons to why they aren’t happy.

But there are actual measures you can take to guarantee your happiness or you being happy. There’s one basic thing to know about happiness, nothing in this world can guarantee you 100% happiness except you.

Your thoughts can ruin your happiness, when you think too much about a bad situation you’re going through, it might just weaken you so much that happiness or joy can be far fetched. No matter how bad/wounded you feel, always know you can feel better and the only thing that can make you feel better is when you try at feeling better. Think less about your situation and think of more of the right path to follow and things to do that can help in making you heal or feel better, remember healing doesn’t come at once, it takes stages and time.

How can you guarantee your happiness ?

Find out what you love the most, there must be something out there you know deep within your mind, you love and crave to do, something you have passion for, follow it and keep getting the best out of it. Cease the moment and never let go.

Go out there, search and explore for reasonable people who share the same passion and vision with you, people who specifically bring out the best in you, share and cherish every moment with them. live, love, laugh, grow with them.

Above all share and spread this feeling of happiness with the people that are of high value in your life and all others.

With this you will never fall short of happiness.

By the pennameisgerry

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The saying that goes one man can change the world isn’t just a bluff.
The amount of hate that roams the earth, is unthinkable. The problem I still face with most people is lack of love.

Everybody is about his/her own business forgetting what the person next to you is going through.

People tend to impose their self, belief, way of life, situation or circumstances on others through different forms either forcefully or mischievously, as a result of no love deep within their heart and soul, not knowing the grave effects they bring upon themselves.

People claim to be your friend or family but they act contrary to what they claim.

If everyone practically carries that spirit of love in them and tend to show it, there wouldn’t be any sort of problem in this world. Issues of religion & racism wouldn’t be in existence, even economical or finical crisis.

Everyone is just about their sh*t, one thing we shouldn’t forget is that no matter how great you are, you can also be in difficult situations, and be ready to take karma’s slap.

Everyone has their own challenges, but don’t because of that shy away when you can offer help to someone in need as someone will also render their assistance to you. You can’t do it all alone, everything you have achieved isn’t just by your power, strength, knowledge, and wisdom it was so because you were destined for it, and all can be lost when you don’t show love.

Hate and lack of care can ruin your life in mysterious ways and it’s a fact.

The person you scorned yesterday, might be in the position to help you tomorrow, don’t even look down on any human, no matter what the circumstance or situation is.

People will say, if you can’t beat them join them, F**ck that bullshit, only you can change the world, meaning you are capable of doing anything well or beyond your capacity. Don’t allow your fears pull you back.

If people show you hate, show them love, when you show hate in return it goes to show your level of weakness, show love and don’t stop at it. Your Good deeds will speak for you, even nature will prevail.

Don’t bother if you are being called a fool for it, they are weak and you can make them strong by showing love unconditionally.

When you love unconditionally, it makes you stronger, because you love without any form of expectations.



Peer pressure is an influence gotten by one’s friends of the same peer. Peer pressure is a widespread occurrence in our society at large today, as it can affect you in a positive or negative way. But the reality there is that, peer pressure has affected people in a wrong way, most especially our youths.

I am a victim of peer pressure and still battle it up till this very moment as I speak, destiny’s has been mislead to a journey of no destination as a result of peer pressure, the youth of today are generally carried away by way they see socially, not knowing how well to go about it, they become victims of peer pressure and ruin their lives.

Surrounding yourself with good and positive people can result to the experience of peer pressure in a good way, as you would be influenced in a positive way.

But when you surround yourself around negative people either good or bad you encounter the detriments associated with peer pressure, you would be influenced in a negative way, as It leads to the quick destruction of  lives.

Peer pressure in a negative way can ruin your live because it’s inevitable, as research shows that  “the people you relate with the most has a major influence in your live, in terms of the way you reason, speak, dress etc. “

It’s cool to be dope, and practice the popular culture, that every one your age is living, but don’t get influenced and carried away by it, instead think of the positive, good things you can do with this culture in influencing people’s lives in a positive and good way.



It’s the beginning of a new year, and it’s traditional for people to go on and start making new year’s resolution. But that isn’t what people are supposed to be keen on. January marks beginnings and transitions. Meaning the only thing we should paraphrase is change, and by change I mean change for good.

Change is inevitable as it can be for good or for bad, and basically everyone wants to be on the good side.

One of the ways we can subject ourselves to change for good is when we subject ourselves to learn from essential lifetime experiences for the purpose of growth.

Growth is an increase in value, worth.

When we take time in learning thoroughly from lifetime experiences we grow mentally, socially, spiritually, physically and emotionally etc. When we grow we change for good as growth is a great sign of improvement.

Focusing on growth for your spiritual, mental and physical life, is what January should be marked for, as the month is the beginning of transitions in your life.

Let’s keep our heads high to any factor, thing and being that can change our life for good as keeping away from negative energy and applying wisdom in your daily life, is extremely important.