HTC 10 is averagely regarded as one of the best smartphone this year, it’s what I would say if I was to make a comment about it. With the launch of the HTC 10 this year, I feel it’s not as powerful as the previous variants like the M7 and M8, I would rather say this due to few observations I made about the smartphone.





The rivalry between these two smartphone companies has been on for a while now, over the years the have produced powerful smartphones, as they both have their fair share in terms of market share and brand presence. But the question is for how long will they keep this pace in terms of releasing great phones.

We often see companies that fall while some grow bigger and take the world by storm, Samsung and apple are not showing signs of slowing down but which can you regard as the future ? By future I mean who will have a bigger brand presence and market share in the smartphone industry.

It’s kinda hard to predict from this present stage, but Samsung has been the brand that comes up with newer technological innovations, for instance the smart pause and play then the air browse. IPhone tend to be a bit conservative in terms of design and specifications, following the release of new smart phones over the years.

With the release of the s6 series, Samsung showed us a great sign of technological advancement although the iPhone 6 was great but there was little or no difference compared to the previous versions of iPhone.

You can say a brand is the future if it shows signs of improvement, and Samsung from my own perspective is that brand. There are always looking for ways to come up with one new innovative idea, that will capture the heart of customers.

iPhone has to take certain measures to keep up that pace, because the way I see it, Samsung is just looking for that perfect opportunity to take the smartphone world by storm.


In the previous year, smartphone manufacturers mainly focused on the design and style of their devices. The 2015 smartphones also came with high resolution cameras and security feature like fingerprint and iris scanners. All major smartphones OEMs like Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony, LG, HTC, Motorola and Microsoft are expected to release flagship smartphones this year.

In 2016, most flagships are expected to sport metallic chassis, slimmer designs, pressure-sensitive screens and more. Here is a compilation of the top 10 flagship smartphones that will release this year:

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are expected to sport a refreshing design. Both the phones are rumoured to arrive with water and dust-resistant capabilities.

Since the 3.5 millimetre audio jack is speculated to be axed, the newer iPhones will be arriving with slimmer bodies. Also, the lowest storage variant for iPhone 7 models will be 32GB. The Apple iPhone 7 release date is rumoured to happen in September 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones are rumoured to arrive with features like always-on display, 12-megapixel cameras with f/1.7 aperture lens and larger batteries.

Both smartphones will continue to sport metal and glass combo design, but are also likely to come with microSD slot. Both the devices are likely to get announced in February 2016.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

As of now, the rumour mill is not talking much about the Galaxy Note 5. However, since the South Korean company has been long rumoured to be working on foldable displays, the Galaxy Note 6 may feature it.

A speculation that was revealed by Patently Mobile in December 2015 claimed the Note 6 may arrive with a laptop dock. It will let the Galaxy Note 6’s processor and screen work as laptop’s CPU and touchpad, respectively. The Galaxy Note 6 may release in August or September this year.

Google Nexus 6 (2016)

In 2015, Google had launched two Nexus smartphones, Huawei Nexus 6P and LG Nexus 5X. In this year too, the search engine giant is pegged to launch two Nexus smartphones.

Google is expected to partner yet again with Huawei to release Nexus 6 (2015) smartphone. It will arrive with Android N OS that is anticipated to arrive with native support for split-screen feature. Both the smartphones are likely to hit the shelves in the last quarter of 2016.

Xiaomi Mi 5

The Xiaomi Mi 5 will be one of the first major smartphones to launch with Snapdragon 820 chipset. The Xiaomi flagship is expected to arrive with high-end specs within a reasonable price range. Since several leaked photos of the smartphone have surface, the Xiaomi Mi 5 release date is speculated to happen in as early as February 2016.


The LG G5 is expected to arrive with a metal-clad design this year and still carry support microSD slot and replaceable batteries. The flagship may feature an enhanced version of the excellent camera that is available on the LG G4. It is likely to get announced in Mary 2016.

Sony Xperia Z6

The Sony Xperia Z5 series that was unveiled last year is going to be replaced by the Sony Xperia Z6 series this year. The features of the Z6 family members are not known but rumours are suggesting that it will be powered by Snapdragon 820 chipset. Like last year, the Xperia Z6 series phones are likely to be announced at IFA 2016 event in September this year.


Speculations are rife that the HTC One M10 is codenamed as HTC Perfume. Rumours are indicating that it will arrive with Android 6.1 and Sense 8.0 UI. Like previous variants, the HTC M10 will continue to arrive with metallic design and impressive sound output. The official debut of the HTC M10 is expected to take place next month at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 event.

Moto X 2016

The Moto X Pure Edition (2015) is one of the bestselling smartphones of the previous year. This year, its successor will be launched as a Lenovo device. The Moto X (2016) by Lenovo will come with numerous improvements overall last year’s model and still carry an affordable price tag of around US$400 (AU$573).

Microsoft Surface Phone

The Microsoft Surface Phone, rumoured as the business-centric phone from the company, is expected to launch to take on the flagships from other brands. It will arrive with Windows 10 onboard with support for Win32 apps and improved Continuum.





Fossil fuel has been a major source of energy to humans for centuries now, likes of coal, petroleum are what we use to power our cars, engines and derive electrical power. Most developed countries are dependent on coal for energy source. Even with the advancement of electric cars, petroleum is still the major product we use to drive our cars.

But the problem we face today is the greenhouse gases these hydrocarbons emit, these gases affect our climate a whole lot as the cause of global warming is as a result of this gas emissions. The funniest part of this fossil fuels is that the energy produced isn’t renewable.

Now the question is can we cease to rely on fossil fuels for energy source, my answer is No, but we can minimize the rate at which we rely on it. I said no because without fossil fuel most of our industries will shut down.
If our industries shut down, production is cut, how do we meet the law of demand and supply ?  The only way this fossil fuels can cease to cause harm in our world today is only when we reduce the way we rely or depend on it.

Other ways and measures to generate energy should be properly researched and developed, the reason we face climate issues is because we abuse the use of fossil fuels. We constantly rely on it because it’s not far fetched from us and its easy to get, we just drill and boom! We start processing for use.

If we can reduce the way we depend on it for energy, climatic issues or problems would reduce. The united States has reduced his use of coal for energy generation in recent years, it has reduced with over a 20% decrease, this is a good feat!

Industries on the other hand should be located outside cities, like in China where industries are located in major cities isn’t a healthy thing for the environment, the amount of gasses emitted is powerful and for a congested and populated location like that it’s harmful.

When this industries are situated in more larger, open and inhabitable areas, there are lesser harms to the environment and people living in it.

Fossil Fuel is a great form of energy that cannot be ignored for a very long time, it will still be used to generate energy but we should rely on it so much, the use of fossil fuel should be a case of you just switching your shoes, if your wear a shoe for a long time without stop, it will loose its value, and become unattractive on you making you look bad, right ?? That’s just the case of fossil fuel it will loose its value, then make the earth and humans look bad.



The internet

Since the launch of the internet service, the world has changed drastically in a good way, the internet service has generated revenues for individuals and companies around the world. The Co founder of Facebook Mark, is worth billions of dollars, as majority of his money was generated from the internet.

You can virtually get most things done over the internet from business to dating, socializing, learning as the list goes on. The internet world grows fast everyday as more internet users number grow every minute.

The internet contains an extremely wide range of information’s, just any information can be searched for and gotten from the internet.

The internet makes it easy for people to access data, facts, information, stories, products, goods etc. by just tapping their fingertips.

This internet has changed lives and stories, it has inspired. We all know Justin Bieber, he became a pop sensation through the internet.

Above all it has also enriched lives.


For real who doesn’t have a smart phone??? LOL. Even if you don’t have one, you would definitely love to have one, except you are surrounded by extreme circumstances.

Using a smartphone have become a popular culture in the world today, as using a high end smartphone gives you a certain level of style and regard. I see smart phones like robots, they can do just anything. Millions of smartphones are sold everyday, aside from having great multimedia applications, and thousands of other applications to use, it’s already a widespread culture around the world .


Social networks

Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snap chat and so on has been a global phenomenon round the world, with billions of users on this social networks, it has been a cool place for people to make friends, meet new people, socialize and expand their reach to billions of people around globally.

Social networks has really given ordinary people a voice in the world today. With social networks you can video call your friends or families, follow and become part of their lives even when miles away.

Social networks connects people around the world together.

Online Music Streaming Service

Online music streaming service has made it easier for music lovers to listen to their favorite songs, easily.

I wake up one morning and the thought of Drake’s song comes to my mind! oops I don’t have the music file or the disc??? with online music streaming service, you don’t get in awkward situations like this.

Music streaming apps have billions of streams online and it’s a sign that online music streaming service is taking over in terms of music sales and accessibility.



The internet is definitely taking over the world, people live their lives virtually on the internet.

With the launch of Netflix over 130 countries round the world, this goes to show the internet is really expanding and reaching out to people rapidly. “We have approximately 7 billion people in the world and nearly 1.3 billion of those people are active on Facebook.” Just an internet site and application?

Netflix is a great provider that allows people stream media online, with millions of subscribers round the world. Watching  a movie premiere in your house through the internet, with great comfort justifies the fact that the internet makes things easier for us and innovations are coming up everyday.

Netflix is one of the next big internet technological trend, cinemas will be of less importance if Netflix can reach over 1 billion subscribers and movies are being premiered on it.

The Internet is a culture that will continue to be innovated and evolved, you can practically do your daily business or live your life on the internet.

When you can make money, socialize, gist, gossip, have access to any form of media history and facts, read books etc. There’s nothing left the internet can’t offer.

I basically get 90% of all my movies online, and it’s so for most of us, it safe to say all movies can be sold online as it would just be the same as you going to the shop to get an original movie disc. Sales of movies and music’s on disc will soon die out, because who buys music cd’s again ???

It was really a nice move for Netflix to expand across the world, it is a great step to technological innovation.


When it comes to buying a smart phone, a buyer has variety of options to choose from when thinking of what model to buy, as there are lots of smartphone models in the smartphone market.

But there are smartphone brands that have produced outstanding models of smart phones, over the following years, as we expect something great from some of them in 2016. In 2015 brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, Google Nexus, HTC etc. gave us powerful models like the galaxy s6 edge, HTC M9, LG g4 Motorola moto X, Sony Xperia z5 etc.

As the new year starts, we await new models in 2016 as rumors for the galaxy s7 has been speculating around the web already.  There are specific smartphone brands we should watch out for in 2016, my top five list are :



Since the release of the M series, HTC has been doing well in their designs, build and hardware specifications. And has also been doing extremely well in the smartphone charts. Although the company has financial issues, it will not stop the smartphone giants from releasing something new this year. HTC has given us a hint on excepting something better, compared to the previous release (HTC M9), and as a smartphone brand HTC never fails, a good smartphone release from HTC will definitely surface in 2016.



IPhone is a world leading brand when it comes to smartphones, their impressive sales, has given them an edge over many smartphone companies. With the release of the iPhone series overtime,  iPhone has surely made a mark in the top spot of smartphone producers and company brand in the next coming years. It’s a brand to watch out for in 2016.



With the rumored release of the galaxy s7, Samsung will surely make am impressive smartphone release this year, the s6 series was extraordinarily impressive with good design, build, features and hardware specifications. It’s safe to say the S6 series was the best smartphone series in 2015. We expect nothing less in 2016.



The Z series is an household name in the smartphone world, Sony has produced great models over the years, models like the z3,z4 and the 2015 release z5 did well in all ramifications. Sony as a smartphone brand gave us great releases over the years, and I believe in them this 2016 to release a standard smartphone model.



Since Microsoft took over Nokia, the company has released phones, that did fairly well in terms of market share in the smartphone market. With the release of the Lumia 950 and 950XL, there would be a great smartphone release for Microsoft in 2016. As the 2015 release did well in hardware specifications and moderately in other aspects.




Images of residents in Beijing wearing mask during a polluted day in Beijing as a result of excessive coal burning by industries.

Which lots of industries situated in urban areas, it tends to affect the human health, great amount of carbon is emitted into the atmosphere, resulting to bad climate conditions.

The location of industries, is an important factor in production and distribution, but we should consider our health conditions. We see signs everyday, but we tend to ignore things by taking it lightly. The case in Beijing smog this recent days is a very good sign of how our climate is getting worse by the day.

If industries are situated in a more open, deserted, rural area it might just save our climate. The smog in China is devastating as it’s as a result of excessive coal burning power plants. Considering the population in china, it’s not good for industries to be in towns or environs around.

The government and industry big shots should call for ideas and initiatives on locating industries in a more open and safer place, which will not affect our climate and has to be far from town and environs around. And also things that can be done so it won’t affect the economy of the industries in general, as this changes are made.
Each country should have their industrial zones, where random industries should be situated and must be far from town. Also I feel cable transport can be helpful in industry transportation, as it can be improved and developed to suite industrial transportation.